The Manzanita Ranch does not charge the veterans for our services, and never will. We rely on the support of grants and private donations to do good in our community. If you believe we should continue to help our brave heroes, please consider making a donation. You can help our nation’s veterans heal!

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​The idea for the One Good Day Project came to Johnny in a conversation; he just happened to be working on a plan for sharing the horses at that time and the concept was exactly what he had been searching for. 

The conversation was about young veterans who suffer from PTSD. During the conversation, one of the men shared that his son was in counseling and told the group he "had had a good day . . . about three weeks ago." It was like a flare had gone off.

All they really want is to have a good day. We can do that. 

The relationship that is possible with a horse, even in a short amount of time, is one of mutual trust and respect. The views from the mesas and vistas on the Pacific Crest Trail and other Southern California trails are breathtaking. Combined with a good trail boss, all of this makes up the ingredients for one good day... Manzanita Ranch style.

The One Good Day Project is a service project designed to make it possible for veterans, cancer patients/survivors and at-risk youth to enjoy a full day with the horses. Each day is different in the One Good Day Project; each day is based on the client and their interests and needs. 

The One Good Day Project is funded by our ranch friends and ranch hands and is offered to qualifying candidates, and the guest of their choice, at no cost. An application that details challenges and physical limitations is a simple process and the ranch staff is available to assist in any part of the application process. 

To start the application process send your name, email address, phone number, and a brief description why you should be considered for the One Good Day Project. Also, send same contact information for caregiver or companion who will be accompanying you on this adventure. (In some cases the staff may ask for a doctor's clearance.) Or call, 909-816-9450