The Manzanita Ranch does not charge the veterans for our services, and never will. We rely on the support of grants and private donations to do good in our community. If you believe we should continue to help our brave heroes, please consider making a donation. You can help our nation’s veterans heal!

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The Manzanita Ranch never charges veterans for our service. We depend on fundraisers and contributions to support the ranch horses. This includes daily feeding, supplements and periodic visits by farriers and veterinarians. Many community organizations have named The Manzanita Ranch the benefactor of an annual fundraiser, while other groups have organized a fundraiser specifically for the horses of The Manzanita Ranch.

One Good Day

Our foundation program is the "One Good Day Project". It's a full day with our horses.

Ride Of A Lifetime

We have added a very successful second program named "Ride Of A Lifetime". It's 4 days and 3 nights on horseback.



The Manzanita Ranch Inc. is a non-profit human services agency.

Our mission is to serve people who are suffering by establishing a relationship with the horses.

The focus of our outreach is to veterans, first responders and others suffering from PTSD, those with physical disabilities, patients and survivors of cancer or other life threatening disease and at-risk youth.

Our constant endeavor is to care for and to maintain the horses. Our horses are available for service which includes experiencing the great riding trails in Riverside County, for the clients we serve.

Our clients experience an emotional bond with the horses. Our horses are all calm and well trained. Once our guests feed a horse a carrot, brush their coats or learn to clean their hoofs, they relax; they focus on the horse and the relationship that quickly develops.

Whatever is troubling them, whatever the root of their pain, these big beautiful creatures have a very unique ability to help others escape for a few hours. Our hope is that they develop a new perspective and face their struggles from a positive point of view.

Johnny Roberts